The Thoughts Page?

or maybe opinions?, politics? things I did with mashed potatoes as a child?

Call this page whatever you like!(as long as you read it)

This page is dedicated to my opinions and beliefs. It represents no one other than myself and my personal thoughts.

I know that for people that don't agree with me on these subjects it might be annoying and infuriating to read these comments and thoughts. I will try to be respectful and sensitive although in many of these matters it is hard to be.

If any of this matters to any of you, or you have a relevant opinion - write me! - what have you got to lose?
BTW if you indicate that you don't mind your mail being published - I will probably want to post it on the site.

So I guess - here goes. There are five main subjects here. Or four I haven't quite decided yet and they are -

Religion - Being an Israeli, the main issue on this page is judaism and what seems to me to be an intentional attempt to force religion on the secular Israeli population (If you're already annoyed - press here).
Peace - I think it's time for the Middle-East to come to rest. Israelis, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese CAN live in peace and interaction - and it's time to give it a real try. If you're any of the above and believe it's time for peace - write me and i'll post the message on the website (please understand my retaining the right to slight editing. (If you're already annoyed - press here).
Life - Is a wonderful thing. I won't pretend to have any solutions, but I do believe it's there to be enjoyed, and that there are so many interesting things in the world - that's enough stuff to keep you interested for more than a lifetime.
Love - probably the greatest gem given to us by life. Once I thought you had to be very careful, and that relationships had to grow out of love. Nowadays I think I'm becoming a little more lenient with myself (not that it helps any :-)).
Women - Definitely, undoubtedly the most astounding creation on this earth (and undeniably the superior gender). You see, Men, of nature, are dreamers. Problem is we don't quite know where to draw the line. That's where women come in... with the crayons. (If you've finaly become annoyed - click here)

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This page last modified on - Friday, August 14, 1998.