Some stuff about music

I really don't have much to say about music except that it is probably one of the most wonderful things man ever created (granted that credit is quite debatable).

Anyway putting music on the page is heavy stuff - I tried to put some Israeli Rock Music on the page, and my favourite bands favourite song (The Cure's Plainsong - mp3, 929K), other than that it's only some reviews of my favourite albums - but they do link to other nice webpages.

You'll find a lot of different Rock and Pop music that is kind of hard to define, and a page dedicated to some of my favourite Jazz albums.
I'm leaving the classical music out for now. Please excuse me - I might get the energy to put a classical page on the site in the future.

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To hear the music files on this page you will need an Layer 3 MPEG player (or MP3 for short). You can find lots of related stuff including players by clicking one of the button below or go straight to my favourite MP3 player Winamp button

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