Israeli Music

There are probably two Israeli bands that I really like and they have both split up. One is Natasha's Friends (or in hebrew transliteration - hachaverim shell natasha) whose first excellent album included the beautiful - "no time" or in hebrew- ein zman (mp3, 1.13M). The Natashas sort of split up when lead singer Arkady Duchin went solo. I personally think he hasn't written better material since he left the band.

The second band is a nonsense lyric guitar strumming group called "nosei hamigbaat" or as they liked to call themselves in English - "The Top-Hat Carriers". Don't ask me why. I call them a nonsense band because their lyrics usually went something like this (free translation from hebrew, excuse the terrible effect):

whats the point in dead end roads? ah, ah,
I like people with whom you never get to...
I want to meet an interesting movie star,
I don't like all the people.
Me and me and me and me.
With this method I can't manage to find out,
What happend in the last few minutes,
And it doesn't do a thing to me.
Birds are spinning, birds are spinning
It's happy here and it's happy there
they give her some cream and 30 seconds,
she is shadowing her legs
The time started now, the time has finished now
press quickly and you'll get an answer
we're all standing in the wrong place
she is shadowing her legs

Next in line is a Horse..

If you have any sort of interpretation as to the meaning of these lyrics - write me I'm thinking of opening a page to include the best interpretations.

There are also several nice Israeli singers - The excellent Yehudit Ravitz, an incredibly powerful Israeli female soloist that has been performing for ages, and Ivri Leader, who has just released his first record and has some excellent music.
If you'd like to see samples of their songs or would like to learn more about Israeli music check out the Israeli Musicnet Website or just write me for more info.

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