Brandford Marsalis (and Family)

I Heard You Twice the First Time Album Cover (14K)

The Marsalis family is definitley one of the better represented ones in the music industry with (as far as I know) four brothers in the business (Brandford, Wynton, Delfayo and Ellis).

I decided to portray Branford's - I Heard You Twice the First Time, as the photo on this page, and specifically talk about him although perhaps he isn't the most well known of the brothers.

What I liked about IHYTtFT is the mixture of solid jazz with new pieces of sound, voice recordings (like on Brother Trying to Catch a Cab to Brooklyn), and more modern playing styles.

Nothing much more to say here - try the disk and also if you like, Wynton's cuts (he's likely a little more famous). Wynton also has a recording of Mozart's horn concertos if I'm not mistaken which shoukd be very interesting to hear.

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